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About WinBackTone

WinBackTone, the worlds first RingBackTone mobile advertising platform, is a unique and innovative solution for the advertising industry.

It is a brand new platform where the customers (subscribers) becomes the advertising channel by assigning audio advertisements on incoming calls instead of the standard beep beep tone as an RingBackTone content.

WinBackTone is unique in the sense that it touches consumers on one side and advertisers on the other two very different groups in terms of interests, concerns and experience, coming together on one common ground.

Members win free credits & airtimes according to how many times they made people listen to the audio advertisements via Ring back tone.

What is it Really?

Let's see what is the idea behind the WinBackTone;

When a person A calls person B, the average 10-15 seconds it takes person B to answer is the highest level of perception for person A.

This is why during the 10-15 seconds holding time, it will be more gainful to spend it by listening to the ring-back-tone advertisement until the caller picks up the telephone.

Easy to Use

It is easy to use and it can be used without downloading content.

Winback tone is independent of handset technology & capability, therefore reaches everyone that says Hello.

It does not bother customer and does not affects the standard mobile call process or the holding time until pick upping the call.

Win Win Win (Customers & Brands & Mobile Operators)

The consumer is rewarded in airtime & credits for willingly becoming an advertising medium for the advertising.

The advertisement takes on a form of recommendation because the consumer chooses with advertising to use as a RingBackTone, therefore choosing which advertisement their social network will listen to.

WinBackTone is not only an advertising medium but also a community site where the members called Tonics, are the backbone of the whole service.


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