Subscription & Becoming Advertising Medium

WinBackTone is a subscription based service. Customers of the Mobile Operator can simply subscribe the service with a few easy steps

  • Customers, become a member of WinBackTone via website, wap site or using SMS
  • Customers simply select the branded music of their choice as a RingBack Tone that they want their social community to hear.
  • As they receive phone calls from their social community, for every call they receive they win free credit or airtime.

In short, the consumer becomes an advertising medium, choosing which advertisement they want to air to their social community, and winning airtime & credit as a reward.

Brand Experience (How the system works for brands)

For Brands & MMAs (Mobile Marketing Agencies) WinBackTone is the simplest yet powerful & effective advertising method.

  • Advertisers decide on how many people (subscribers) they would like to reach via WinBackTone
  • Submit an advertising jingle/music that they want to air.
  • The advertising jingle is published as RingBackTone content on the web and wap site
  • Subscribers choose the jingle & automatically it assigned to the subscribers as a ring back tone.
  • These Advertising Tones are listened to the people who calls the subscribers.
  • Advertising Campaign starts with first listened tone & finishes when specified total number of listening is succeed.

Pricing Model

Budget = (Number of Listening) x (CPL)

Budget: Amount to be spent for the campaign.

Number of Listening: Total number of listening during campaign period of advertisement music assigned to subscribers.

CPL(Cost Per Listening): Listening price of advertisement music for one time.

"Pay less as much as you make listening" is a pricing model based on performance. It is calculated upon number of reached person and listening number of advertisement music.


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