For Mobile Operator

  • High income and the positive effect of the service on ARPU (avarage revenue per user)
  • Decreasing the subscriber churn rate and gainning new subcribers of Mobile Operator.
  • The relationship with corporate clients will gain a new dimension.
  • A new community will be created through Win Back Tone.
  • Closeness to the clients and clients could have a chance for additional income.
  • Integration to the Web 2.0 trends will be supplied.

For Brands

  • The advertisement takes on a form of recommendation because the consumer choses which brand to use as a RingBackTone, therefore choosing which advertisement their social network will listen to.
  • WinBackTone is not only an advertising medium but also a community site where the members called Tonics, are the backbone of the whole service.
  • Accountable & Measurable advertising channel
  • WinBackTone has a performance-based pricing model, Cost Per Listening (CPL) in which advertisers are charged according to the amount of branded RBT that callers hear. The advertiser receives an in-depth report (during and post campaign) as to who (detailed demografic information) has chosen their jingle, how many times it has been heard, by how many unique users, with what frequency.
  • Medium with a high frequency reach and viral potential with WOMM effect.

For customer

  • The consumer is rewarded in airtime & credits for willingly becoming an advertising medium for the brand.
  • Customers meet a different and new concept created by technology and idea, gain profit.
  • It is a service decreasing monthly mobile expenses.
  • Winback tone users can denote themselves dynamically and joyfully.


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