4play DW & Kokteyl

4play Digital Workshop aims to take the most time in your life through special services/products for your mobile phones.

URL: http://4play.com.tr
E-mail: 123@4play.com.tr

Our services and projects are based on 4 components, such as; Telecom & Mobility, Internet, Marketing and Entertainment.

4play tries to address the recent supplies of consumers which are in the intersecting point of mobile and Internet. We aim to influence the using habits in the near future.

In the light of using habits, 4play projects and services are based on necessities that drive especially from our own experiences.

4play is aware of that Internet have been affected working models deeply, so we try to follow up these effects and try to develop accomodating projects.

We develop some projects based on Internet usage also in respect to the needs of mobile world. We research the gaps in Internet that are related to Mobile ecosystem and then we try to fullfill these gaps in different and effective Internet applications.

We are aware of that mobile marketing has an ascending graph all over the world. 4play designs services/products that reach every consumer directly.

Mobile marketing provides accountable, cost-effective and measurable advertising channel in terms of the potential reach of people. We have a big chance that we can be integrated with cell phones to each customer.


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