What is WinBack Tone?

WinBack Tone, the worlds first RingBack Tone mobile advertising platform, is a unique and innovative solution for the advertising industry.

It is a brand new platform where the customers (subscribers) becomes the advertising channel by assingning audio advertisements on incoming calls instead of the standard beep beep tone as an RingBack Tone content.

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Turkcell is using WinBackTone

Turkcell (the leading GSM operator in Turkey and the third largest in Europe) has launched the world's first RingBack Tone mobile advertising platform called "TonlaKazan" which is using WinBackTone infrastructure.
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WinBack tone is unique in the sense that it touches consumers on one side and advertisers on the other two very different groups in terms of interests, concerns and experience, coming together on one common ground.

Members win free credits & airtimes according to how many times they made people listen to the audio advertisements via RingBack Tone.

When a person A calls person B, the average 10-15 seconds it takes person B to answer is the highest level of perception for person A.

This is why during the 10-15 seconds holding time, it will be more gainful to spend it by listening to the ring-back-tone advertisement until the caller picks up the telephone.

Advertisers decide on how many people they would like to reach via WinBackTone and choose an advertising jingle / music that they want to air. The advertising jingle is published as RingBackTone content on the web and wap site.

Competition is not restricted to the mobile world but also other mediums such as tv, newspapers, outdoor, internet. TonlaKazan is an accountable & Measurable advertising channel.

Pricing Model

"Pay less as much as you make listening". This means, the Brands charge only when their RBT Advertising Tone is listened by the customer. It's like CPC. We call it CPL; "Cost Per Listen"

Budget = (Number of Listening) x (CPL)

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